Wonky Bead Blog Hop Reveal!

So, I was supposed to post this yesterday and failed.  I had everything set up on my computer at work and then was sick.  But oh well, I guess its better late than never, right?

I received a set of 6 "wonky beads" from Kristi as part of this blog hop.  I am a big fan of her polymer clay work and she will even be doing a guest post on the Loose Ends Blog soon!  The set I picked up was a magenta set and had the 5 beads shown as well as another disk bead that I used on a different project that will be featured on the other blog.  

I really love the colors and thought that a pop of yellow would be the perfect color to compliment them.  I strung them onto a piece of yellow leather cord using some simple knots to separate them.  I really love the organic look of the beads and stuck with other natural materials.  I used carved bone beads and made a couple of tassels out of hemp cord.  There is also a small piece of blue-dyed coral in there too.

I want to thank Kristi for hosting this awesome blog hop.  It's the first beading blog hop I have ever done and it was a lot of fun! These beads are different that what I would normally choose to work with and it was great to get outside of my box a little bit! Be sure to check out the linky below and see the other fabulous participants!


Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Wow, Kelsy - great design! Using the yellow cord was inspired. I would wear this a lot. It has a very "happy vibe"!

Kristi Bowman said...

That's beautiful Kelsy!!! I love the fiber you used in this bracelet, so pretty!! Thanks for joining my hop!

Karen Mitchell said...

Fantastic design! Love the pop of yellow and the tassels, very summery and fun.

Dini Bruinsma said...

Hi Kelsy, what a playful, colourful and ♥happy design :-) this bracelet! Have fun with it...

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